No Pool, No Problem

Need to entertain the kids but can’t dip into your neighbour's pool?

There are many ways to have some backyard fun and stay cool during sizzling hot days. Simply just add water. Here are our 10 favourite water games that are easy to do and will guarantee hours of fun! 

1. Slip & Sliiiide

Make one yourself with bin bags, water and some baby soap or if you’re not in the mood for DIY you can buy one from the store. The kids will want to go again, and again and again…

2. Water Bucket Race

Old school but always a winner. All you need is; 2 buckets with water, 2 empty buckets and 2 cups (or sponges). Divide the group into 2 teams and get the race started. Take a cup, fill it up, run to the other bucket and dump it in. The team that gets the most water into the empty bucket wins!

3. Trampoline Showers

If you happen to be a lucky owner of a trampoline, simply connect a hose or sprinkler and place it next/under the trampoline. Jumping in splashing water, life is good!

4. Wet Freeze Tag

The soppy variation of the tag game. One person will 'tag' a person by splashing them with a water gun. Once tagged you're frozen. The players still in the game can unfreeze you by pouring a cup of water over their heads. Sopping good times ahead.

5. Water Balloon Piñata

Like the classic, less sweet but the more fun version. All you need is some water balloons, a stick and splash away.

6. Water Ball Dodgeball

Divide the group in 2 teams, each team takes one side. The objective is to throw a water ball to their opponents to take them out of the game, and this without you getting hit. The team that has the last person standing wins. We like to use cotton balls that you dip in water prior, rather than using water balloons. Much nicer for the environment and let’s face it, a much cleaner option. Cause who likes to pick up a million plastic pieces off the grass? Thought so.

7. Sponge Bombs

Another more eco friendly option for water-balloons is to cut up kitchen sponges and tie them together. Dip them in water and happy throwing.

8. Sponge Darts


Draw large circles on the pavement with chalk and assign points to each. Each kid will take a wet sponge and throw into one of the circles. Give each child a few turns and tally up the score. The kids with the highest score, wins!

9. Water Gun Target

Line or stack up a couple of empty bottles or plastic cups. The objective is to knock them over with a water gun. The person that knocks over the most wins! It's like Carnival in your backyard.

10. At The Car Wash 

This might just be our favourite. Grab any toys that can handle water and soap, big or small. Get buckets with clean water, soap and some rags. Put some dance music on and we just made this into a disco car wash. Happy kids, and clean toys it’s a win win.


Happy backyard summering!

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