In the beginning there was just the 2 of us. Wild, free and enjoying every minute of our very short Dutch summer (read: 30 days above 25 degrees... and that’s if you're lucky!). Everything was dropped to make sure not a single ray of sunshine was missed, peddling our tiny bikes up and over the dunes to get to the beach. We can still smell the ocean, rolling around in the sand with sticky sunscreen, ice cream on tap and beach hair don’t care looks.

Fast forward 10 years later, summer deprived and dealing with a serious case of FOMOOS (Fear Of Missing Out On Sun), we chased the sun all over the globe. Eventually we landed in Australia and have never left. Now with our 5 mini humans in tow, we still embrace these summer days like there won’t be one tomorrow. We want our kids to go play outside, be adventurous, brave and boundless… like we were. That’s when NED swim was born. It’s a swimwear brand for the free-spirited childhood we had, but obviously a much sunnier version! Although we worship these sunny days, we are acutely aware of what it does to our skin, but more importantly our kid's skin. Sun safety wasn’t really talked about in our day, coconut oil UPF+6 constituted sun protection. Older and wiser now (we think, we hope!), we want to make sure our little humans stay cool and protected.

Our swimwear is UPF50+ certified providing ultimate sun protection in swimwear that lasts.

NED embraces the cheeky laidback Aussie lifestyle combined with the simple, brave aesthetic that Dutch design is known for. The simple + statement designs are sun safe and high-end quality to live beyond one summer. Our motto is buy better, buy less. At NED, we are constantly working hard behind the scenes to reduce our environmental footprint and make our business as sustainable as possible. We will keep you posted on our sustainable journey as we go!

Embrace summer and go play outside!

With Love D&C