6 Cracking Good Activities For Kids During Easter

Does your Easter egg hunt fun last no more than 10 min followed by your kids devouring them ALL in less than 5 min? (Ok, mum helped #guilty)

 This will leave you with yes.. overhyped, chococrazy kids. Thank you sugar.

You can let them run and terrorise each other or we can throw in some more activities to burn off all that energy. Here some ideas to get you going!

Crack the egg

A long standing tradition in our household. Each player holds a boiled egg in their hand and taps (lightly) the ends of the eggs against each other. The player with the unbroken egg will play against the next player, until there is only 1 unbroken egg left. The player with the unbroken egg wins. Some call it lucky, some call it technique, the jury is out.

Easter Egg Spoon Race

Is it really Easter without an egg and spoon race. Simply create 2 teams or have multiple kids compete at the same time. Grab a bunch of 'eggs' (fake or boiled ones) and spoons, explain the course and let them may run their little hearts out. May the best bunny win.

Pin the tail on the Bunny

A spin on the classic activity pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of a donkey, get a cut-out of a bunny, add a cotton ball to a pin (or you can use sticky tape for smaller kids). Blind fold the player, spin them around and let them pin away.

Easter bonnets

For the fashionistas amongst us why not put your crafty hat on and get the kids to create their own Easter bonnets. Get them to show off their crazy creations in the Easter Parade. Easter in style.

Bunny Musical Chair

Get some chairs  and the speakers ready. Put some bunny music on and get them to hop around the chairs. Make sure that there is one chair less than the number of players participating. 
Once the music turns off the bunnies will hop to an open chair. The one without a chair is out of the game. One chair will be taken away and another round will start. The last one sitting will be the winner.

The not-so chocolate egg hunt

If you're trying to ease on the chocolates this year (smart move) get some plastic eggs and fill them with challenges i.e. do the chicken dance, act like your grandpa, hop like a bunny, make a silly face. For some fun clues on where the find the eggs - and if not allergic to messiness - add bunny foot prints to the hunt. Simply get a bunny foot cut-out, dust over some flour and tada. Not recommended for in-house for obvious reasons.

Happy Eastering!

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