The 10 Best Activities For Travelling With Kids

School holidays are fast approaching and the borders are slowly opening up! Whether you are travelling near or far - entertaining your kids during your travels can be a monstrous task at times.

Don’t fret - we have listed our top 10 tips that have kept us sane during longer travels, whether it was by car, boat or plane. 


1. Activity books, colouring books

2. Busy Bag; great for younger kids. You can either get one of these fancy ready-to-go ones or you can take a wallet or toiletry case and include any little toys you have, stickers etc.


3. Although screen time seems to be the devil sometimes it can also be the thing that saves you from pulling your hair out all at once. Lucky we got some fun educational shows that our kids love. Our top 5 is; 

    1. Emily’s wonder Lab - uber lab geekiness
    2. Baking Squad - It puts my baking skills to shame
    3. Brain Child - It can teach us adults a thing or two
    4. Blueys - 100% belly laughs guaranteed
    5. 72 Cutest animals - Cause it’s seriously cute
4. Keep them busy with these fun games that you can download onto your tablet; Our top 5 is;
    1. Busy Shapes - 4-8yo
    2. Sago Mini Fairy Tales - 2-4yo
    3. Funky Bots - 6-8yo
    4. Peekaboo Barn - >5yo
    5. Set Mania - <7yo

5. Travel games; great entertainer for the whole family. Most of the board/family games now come in travel sizes which is great and doesn’t take up too much space. Games we love are; connect four, battle ships, Guess Who, Hippo and more..

6. Games that require no space in your bags that are already too full with stuff you don't need on your holiday.

    1. Hangman - a classic
    2. Eye spy - another classic
    3. Guess the animal - describe features of the animals and the others have to guess what it is
    4. Draw a monster - One person describes their monster, the others draw and use their imagination
    5. Tic Tac Toe

7. Sing Along - (unless you are the next Adele perhaps better leave this for your private vehicle trips). Check out our NED playlist for fun sing along songs.

8. Photography - get the kids to take photos of different things they spot during their travels with an old digital camera or phone. You also have these special kids cameras that let you accessories these photos at the same time. Hours of fun guaranteed.

9. Something to listen to; Let somebody else do the talking

    1. Book: The Lion, The Witch and the wardrobe
    2. Podcast: But Why - A podcast for Curious Kids (finally we are getting a break from answering all the why questions - hallelujah)
    3. Podcast: Wow in the World 
    4. Book: The Gruffalo
    5. Podcast: Aaron’s world - for the dinosaur lovers

10. Snacks - and lots of them. It will keep them busy for a while. Nothing worse than a bored child that’s also hungry.

Happy travels, stay sane, and carry on.

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