Ocean Baths and Fairy Pools

Rocks baths, ocean pools, bogey holes, fairy pools so many names for these little gems that can be found along the coast lines. It’s like carelessly floating in the blue waters minus the sharks, the big waves, and the rips -eeeeks. Plus you can spot some amazing sea life while you're at it.

Australia has been blessed with many of them and here we list 7 of our favourites.

Icebergs - Sydney

On top of our list is the one and only Icebergs. If you haven't been to this iconic place, have you really been Sydney at all? A place steeped in history and much loved by locals even in the chilly winters. Its utter beautyfullness is blinding.

Bogey Hole - Newcastle

Head over to Newcastle and you will find the heritage listed Ocean Pool, the Bogey Hole. Bogey, an indigenious word for Bathe, was cut-out by convict labour so Commandant Morisset could have his own private coastal rock platform bathing pool. A man with a vision.

Merewether Baths - Newcastle

Also home to Newcastle is the largest ocean pool in the Southern Hemisphere, the Merewether Baths. Great for doing laps or for your kids to have plenty of space to splash about.


Snapper Rocks - Gold Coast

At the end of Rainbow Bay you will find this scenic little outcrop that is Snapper Rocks. Imagine yourself floating here on a clear, balmy day - pure bliss. 

Injidup Natural Spa - WA

Perhaps better left to the more adventurous swimmers but still amazing for dipping your toe in the waters and admiring the miracle that nature has created. This natural rock formation breaks the waves that come crashing in from the Indian Ocean forming a natural mini waterfall ‘spa’ feature. So bring in a picnic and watch the beauty unfold.


Noosa Fairy Pools - QLD

Hidden along the coast of Noosa National Park these little gems are only visible during low and mid tide. It does require a 45 min trek up there but that also means that they won’t be so crowded as many other tidal rock pools. Half the adventure is just getting down there, we say!

Eyre Peninsula - SA

These mermaid pools are the gems of South Australia. Just located near Fishery Bay you will find these little slices of heaven waiting to be dipped into.


Go forth and explore these wonders of nature and don't forget your swimmers

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