The Best Beach Destinations In Australia This Summer!

Faraway tropical destinations might not be on the cards this summer but there are plenty of a-mah-zing destinations to escape to in Australia. Too many really. 

We've picked 3 of our most favourite beach destinations, where the sun is always shining and the good vibes are always flowing. And if you are the person that is always on the hunt for the coolest places and the hidden gems, then you're in the right place!

We've teamed up with ROAM Travels who offer a selection of curated travel guides covering where to eat, drink, shop, sleep, play when to go and how to get there. They have been given us some excellent tips on each destination on go-to family places. Check it out for yourself.


Noosa is an idyllic, chic beachside town located along the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

It isn’t too difficult to work out why Noosa has become such a dream holiday destination. White sand, crystal clear waters, rainforest walks and tropical temperatures.

Where to EAT:  Happy Pops 
Where to SHOP: Alterior Motif 
Where to PLAY: Sandshapers 




Nestled in the far North Eastern corner of New South Wales is Byron Bay, a real – and luckily not imagined – utopia where everything is indeed perfect.

Byron Bay is, to put it simply, heaven on earth. This coastal beach town is a blend of world class food, designer accommodation, hippie-luxe boutiques, unbeatable surf breaks, and breath-taking vistas. From the hinterland to the shores, Byron is every bit cool as it is tranquil.

Where to EAT:  Top Shop
Where to SHOP: Habitat
Where to PLAY: Chrystal Castle  



This unsung hero has been home to a great many Roam summers, due, not in the least, to its perfectly balanced offer of high energy fun and blissful, peaceful rest. Starting at Palm Beach, then continuing to Burleigh (mini Byron Bay, anyone?), make your way up the highway to the pristine beaches dotted along the coast until the shoreline comes to a spectacular close at Main Beach. The food and drink scene is absolutely popping, with new establishments constantly opening their doors.

The coast caters to all: singles, couples, families, all looking, surely, to dissolve all responsibility one sun ray at a time.

Be amazed, surprised, and delighted as you see the Gold Coast through a brand new set of eyes.

Where to EAT:  Justin Lane
Where to SHOP: Heartfill
Where to PLAY: Village Market

Are you feeling the summer vibes and want to get more inside scoop on any of these locations? Head over to ROAM Travel and pick your favourite guide!

Enjoy Summer xox

PS. don't forget your swimmers. Check some cool ones out here 

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