The Best 10 Floats of 2022!

Every year they seem to get bigger, better and crazier! And we love it. Floats or anything that sprays out water, provide hours of entertainment for the little kids and the big kids. Whether you are just chilling and floating away or your attempt to get absolutely drenched and winning at it.

Our yearly round-up of the best pool floats in the market is here!

1. We heart Sunnylife. Our favourite floatie go-to brand.


2. Funboy cruisin with Mum! 


3. It's a Zool 


4. Can never have enough rainbows. It's a winner every year! 


5. For the whole family, but who's in the middle? 


6. Take me on cloud 9.


7. These uber sized rings are so peachy!


8. I spy with my little eye and it's... transparent.


9. Anything with wobbly eyes will make the list


10. Dogs need a dip pool too...



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