The 10 Best Beach Games With Kids

All hail summer! Let’s bring out the beach games and our inner Michael Jordan spirit. Here are 10 easy beach activities for the whole family. To make it even better they don’t require copious amounts of props to bring with you if you’re a little bit resourceful that is. Yes, we are talking to you Mr/ Mrs McGyver. The beach is a treasure of props! Ps. most of these activities can also be done in a park nearby or even in your backyard!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Nothing better than exploring the beach finding all sorts of treasures. Shells, Seaweed, footprints you name it. We’ve put together a Scavenger Hunt Sheet to get started. Take a bucket with you to collect some of these treasures. You can then use these for the next activity. Clever huh ;)

You need: Hunt sheet & Bucket

2. Picasso in the sand

The beach is your canvas! Find a stick and let your creative juices flow - sea monsters, mermaids, your granny - go nuts! You can then decorate it with shells, seaweed and other treasures you have found on your hunt (see what we did here ;). Go forth and create!

You need: Stick & beach treasures- anything you can find.

3. Beach Obstacle Course

Mamas and papas let’s get a bit creative here. Have a look at your surroundings, is there anything you can incorporate into the course? Ramps, little waterways, rocks? Use those. Further find some sticks, seaweed and use sand to build obstacles. You can bring some buckets, noodles and ropes from home if you have the hand space. Then let’s set the course out. Make sure to get the kids to help out, building the course is half the fun! Here is some visual inspiration.

You need: sticks, rocks and other beach items. From home; buckets, noodles, ropes.

4. Flying Kites

Honestly, who doesn’t love flying a kite? Our kids are OBSESSED with them and you can buy them pretty much anywhere. Or if you feel in a DIY mood (I'm impressed already) here is a quick tutorial on how to make one. 

You need: a kite

5. Water Bucket Relay

Who can fill the bucket first? A super easy game that the kids will LOVE but yes there is water involved so bring a towel and maybe an extra set of clothes. All we need is some cups and buckets. The players will fill the cups with water, then run to empty them into the bucket. Whoever fills the bucket first, wins!

You need: a few buckets and cups

6. Freeze tag

An alternative to the good old ‘Tag’ game.  In this version when you get tagged, you freeze where you are. Another participant can then tag you to unfreeze. The goal for the tagger is to freeze each and every one. 

You need; a bunch of energetic peeps that’s it.

7. Sand Hop Scotch

Let’s go old school. For the ones that can’t remember,  with a stick or stone create a hopscotch grid (something like this). Get a rock and throw it in one of the 9 squares. That will be the square that you have to skip over and get on hopping. You fall, you lose. 

You need; a stick or something to draw the grid in the sand with.

8. Slithery Snake

Have 2 people hold the ends of a (skipping) rope down on the sand. Wiggle the rope as fiercely or slowly, depending on the age of the kids. The kids need to jump over the rope without getting touched by the ‘slithery snake’. 

You need; some kind of rope, like a skipping rope

9. Musical Towels

Lay down beach towels or have items that can be easily grabbed and place them in a circle. Turn on some good Happy Tunes and may the quickest win! Now it happens to be that we put this awesome, addictive, happy tune list together which is excellent for this game - you’re welcome!

You need; towels or items that can be easily grabbed. Your phone to play music.

10. Beach Bowling

So we can go 2 ways here. 1. Some digging-effort way; dig six holes in the sand in a pyramid configuration. Grab a few tennis balls and try to roll/throw in the tennis balls into the holes. You can allocate points to each hole. Some bringing-effort way; bring along a bowling set and play away.
You need; tennis balls or bowling set

Pack your favourite swimwear (ahum we happened to know these amazing kids swim suits by Ned swim ;)), slather on some sunscreen and bring your winning spirit. There is nothing better than a bit of Family competitiveness.

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