How Not To Prepare For Autumn

Autumn who?

Autumn can bring its magic, but we like to stretch out that summer feeling as loooong as we can. Who can blame us? So we like to side with this strategy; How not to prepare for Autumn.


Be in absolute complete denial, buy another pair of swimwear for you and the kids, and hit the beach. Seriously, that's our strategy. Lucky for us there are still plenty of 'drop everything and let's go to the beach' days left in the months to come, so take them while they are here.


Summer In A Glass

Nothing says summer then a tall refreshing glass of crushed watermelon and strawberry mocktail. Yes! And no that's not a typo. Something for you and the kids, and did I mention it's so fun to make! Plus, our liver will be thanking us.

Check out this recipe from Mindful Cocktail


You finally got into the exercise groove after months of sweating it out, so don't let the 'so long summer days' stop you. Grab your kids, put on some summer tunes and get movin'.

Now it happen to be that we have an ah-ma-zing playlist to already get you in the mood! Check it out here

Namastay Summer All Day

Summer on your mind all day every day, or simply living in a subconscious state of meditation throughout autumn and winter. Either way, Namaste your way into a summer state of mind through some uber relaxing meditation exercises...

Let's OM our little and big hearts out. 

Summer please stay.

Sincerely, beach/water/outdoor lovers


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